There is nobody that I’d rather hold


The tip of your tongue
The top of your lungs is doing my head in
I say, “Love, love don’t mean nothing
Unless there’s something worth fighting for.”
It’s a beautiful war.

- Kings of Leon “Beautiful War”

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Now that you answer to me
I tell you how I want to feel
Now that the walls have been broke
I tell you how I want to feel

- Wild Beasts “Wanderlust”

Love as a caging thing

Some say love is a burning thing,
that it makes a fiery ring.
Oh but I know love as a fading thing,
just as fickle as a feather in a stream.
- Phosphorescent “Song for Zula”

Cover your tracks

Throw away your letters and numbers
And make sure to cover your tracks
Throw away your desires and treasures
And make sure you burn all the maps
- Young Galaxy “Cover Your Tracks”

Cover Your Tracks by Young Galaxy on Grooveshark

I didn’t know till now

I didn’t know till now,
Just couldn’t know.
How sweet it could be.
How sweet life could be.

- Jim James “Know til now”

My heart will never feel

Holding on
I am a vagabond
It’s always different
I am the one who falls.

- Grimes “Genesis”

We are Stars

Thank you vitaminwater.


Gawker, horror, what an awful way to fall in love

We walked a quiet road for miles at first
Couldn’t see a thing
Rattle from the dark, chills up my spine
Coming from the trees

- Yeasayer “Reagan’s Skeleton”

Forget the song, things will go on

And the only way to last
And the only way to live it
Is to hold on when you get love,
And let go when you give it.

- Stars “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It”


How am I supposed to remember?
I got the memories
But memories fade, baby
What am I gonna show to my kids, girl?
When I’m older, and my mind is telling me to forget you
What’s gonna make me remember?

Miss You So (Prod. by Midi Mafia) by Frank Ocean on Grooveshark

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