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mr.sketch for your lips

So maybe it was an impulse triggered by my preteen love for Drew Barrymore, but yesterday when I went to Shopper’s to get some chocolat de l’halloween, something deeply buried inside me (ie. lack of willpower) made me buy the Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain, which Drew Barrymore is the face of, in ‘Coy Coral’. Ok. […]

Why didn't the witch date the ghost?

Because he has a halloweenie.

falling off the face of the earth

So I don’t get this syndrome that certain boys have, at all. Recently, I was sort of kind of seeing a guy, as in we would talk daily, went on a date (tried to set up others but I was a sickling). This guy would text me to the point where I found it annoying.. […]

twitter.. fail whale halloween styles.

As some of you know, I like to make geeky pumpkins. Last years: This years: Fail whaleThis is the top part of the pumpkin where the stem comes out.

Things you do when you are sick

1. Blog2. Watch TV3. Drool in your sleep4. Wake up with 4 crusted on your face5. Sniffle6. Eat comfort food7. Be hot, temperature wise8. Finally give in to the 2389018390218312908 Farmville requests on Facebook. YOU HEARD ME. Rinse and repeat. Things you do not do when you are sick1. Go to work2. Breathe through your […]

"why are you single"

The most dreaded question that I get asked almost daily, with an even more dreaded answer. I feel that this comment is almost a backhanded compliment. Sure, it’s usually by someone who is surprised I’m single, but it also insinuates that there is something so wrong with being single. As if it is a state […]

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