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The Mo Matches the Drapes

The Movember Gala was Thursday night, and it is the only type of thing that could get me to go to the atrocity that is the “Guvernment” nightclub (they are so witty without that admired o). I wore a blonde moustache, I creeped out the creeps. Fun times were had all around. got something on […]

i feel like i just broke up

But instead of it being my boyfriend, it was with my city. I’ve met someone else, I don’t love you anymore.

the arrival gate

Everyone has those moments, some more than others, where it hits you that you may not be as happily single as you thought. The arrival gate at the airport for me will continue to be one of those moments for me. I travel often, have become quite close with that gate, and every time I […]

about to get responsible

I try to never ever talk about work on here, as to not be made an example of and become yet another blogger who gets canned for, well, blogging.. but I can at least say this: I got a promotion. I feel completely honoured, humbled, and overall very excited to have this enormous opportunity this […]

go go go go go gooo



Also, some big stuff happened for me, but I can’t quite talk about it yet… YET. Exciting though.



some people wait in line for jimmy choo's, i wait in line for books.

Twice a year, I get the privilege (thanks for my sister’s amazing in-laws who have adopted me as one of their own) of attending an amazing Random House Publishing Co friends and family book sale. While for most people, this is a great deal as books work out to about $2 each, but for us […]

me and wine are getting a divorce.

she bangs she bangs

This is how i feel about my own trimming that i did to my bangs. Y/N.. waiting for your bangs to grow out is the most painful fashion moment ever? Eff. My necklace however.. Is four dollars and eighty cents worth of GLORY.

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