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Not so sweet grass spa

This afternoon, some of my female colleagues and I went on a spa trip to Sweet Grass Spa to use up some of our leftover extended medical benefits. I booked a 90 minute swedish massage, as did most, while some booked manicures. This place normally requires a membership (that is apparently along the lines of […]

02 01 2010

A bit of change coming up in my life on this day. I move into a new apartment, much bigger and better than the shoebox I currently call home. Beyond my move, there is an even more important move happening on that day. He is finally moving to California. After the many conversations, threats to […]

The wandering eye test

We all know it. You are in the middle of talking to your boyfriend, friend, husband, girlfriend.. then all of a sudden a girl wearing less clothing than you walks by. What once may have been staring you directly in the eyes has now been diverted to this subject of interruption. Somehow we have been […]

doppleganger or time travel?

Kid from Dexter Andrew McCarthy of Pretty in Pink fame. WHAT?

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