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Where’s Waldo?

I wore my “Where’s Waldo” shirt to cheer on Canada for their game against Slovakia on Friday night. Raymi also has some pics of us on Flickr, as I was watching the game from her work. I am about 5 pints in, and you can see my lazy drunk stare in full force. Look, I’m […]

Park Place

When you play monopoly, what piece are you most drawn to? First is the shoe, but my sister usually gets it, so thimble is a close second. So far, on twitter, it’s spread pretty thing. I’ve had the follow responses: Top Hat (3) Horse (1) Thimble (1) Gun (1) Beaver? (1) Car (1) Battleship (1) […]

Olympic Love

I, too, was graced with some olympic glory snoetry in the park right outside my apartment window. We have been kicking ass in the olympics, and have now surpassed all other countries for gold medals. However, when you add up all the other medals we are consistently in a fourth or fifth place position, but […]

Not for the Faint of Heartache

A word of caution, this is my blog. Shocking, I know, but sometimes it’s necessary to state the obvious. I started it as a method of therapy, to lay it all out in the open, so I would be forced to come face to face with it, stare it deep in the eyes. I can’t […]

The 5 Second Rule of Dating

We all know it. You drop something tasty on the floor, and you have to make a mental decision on whether it is still edible, or is it now tainted with germs? How long before it is no longer appealing to you? Is it, perhaps, the absurdly abitrary 5 seconds? For those who are a […]

Google Love

Google’s new commercial that aired during the Super Bowl (that I didn’t get to see because I am Canadiana). The first bit reminds of me the things I constantly do on dates (after I have lied and have to figure stuff out). Total aw-worthy commercial. Bravo Google. You’ve done it again.

Swimmer of the Great Lakes

I saw Great Lake Swimmers last night at Trinity-St.Paul’s Church. A wonderful person,¬†Eli Singer, graced me with free tickets, and reserved seating. GLS left me with tears in my eyes, bumps on my skin, and chills down my spine. Mind blowing, to say the least. They played my favourite songs Your Rocky Spine, There is […]

Do women need to follow the “Man Code”? The Man Code. Bros before Hoes. So many different terms for something that, in my opinion, doesn’t even really need a term. Isn’t it just common sense? However, it is the extension of this code to related parties that gets a little fuzzy for me. We all have those friends of the guy you […]

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