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Birthday Blues

The gifts have been opened, the shots have been drunk, and with that, I bid adieu to the early twenties, and have officially crossed over to the late. After a wonderful day filled with baseball, sunshine, friends and well wishes (literally, hundreds of them), I was floating on air and I had fallen in love […]

Love Comes


It is my birthday tomorrow. I am over twenty, but less than thirty years of age. Throughout my twenties, I have been to countless of concerts, and have been adding major festivals to that list as well. So here it is world, my resolution is to go to all the major North American music festivals […]


Last Friday, one of the first friends I ever made in Toronto got engaged. Someone I have been through so many years with, has found the man with whom to spend the rest. My reaction to this news was so similar as it was for my sister’s engagement; a huge “obviously”, followed by excitement, and […]

We Have Contact

I’ve been meaning to go see some of the CONTACT 2010 installations, as most are near my house. In true Breanna fashion, I got tied up and busy in many other commitments, so I missed all of them quite a few. Saturday was gloomy, rainy and humid, and with everyone away at les cottages (TAKE […]

Where are your friends tonight?

Part of me wanted to say this Maybe mother told you true And they’re always be something there for you And you’ll never be alone But maybe she’s wrong And maybe I’m right And just maybe she’s wrong And part (more) of me wants to say this And if it’s crowded, all the better Because […]

Good on Web, Bad Eye Are Elle

That, folks, was the original title, but I wasn’t sure how MTV FORA would feel about it. But yes! The post is up, and honestly it’s one of my favourites. Enjoy! Let’s face it, internet dating is the new dating, dating. Flirting begins with the Facebook friend request or follow, continues with a poke, message […]

Orange you glad you didn’t date this boy

Okay, so this dating nightmare did not happen to me (but don’t you worry, I have plenty more coming!) – but it did happen to my lovely beautiful sister and it HAS to be shared. My sister is very much a lady. She is tiny, petite, polite, and does not do naughty things with boys […]

(Aw)esome, Deux

Part two of as many as I can do of awesome things a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, date, or lust worthy object do that make me say “aww”. 1. Knows when I need to be fed I have hypoglycemia, as does my sister, and when our blood sugar levels get low, we tend to, as […]

You don’t know, you don’t really want to know.

You take a heart, I can take out you.

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