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See you tomorrow

Le Monstre Vert

Like so many words (ridiculous, crazy, amazing come to my mind first), the word jealous is heavily overused, many times unknowingly within the wrong context. The connotation of jealousy is a negative one; a sentiment of ill will and hopes of misfortune towards those who are fortunate, and a word that should not be used […]

Un Bon Bonnaroo

Summer is upon us, which can only mean one thing, Music Festivals! Okay, so it also means bikes, sunshine, cottages, cute boys and sundresses, but music festivals are definitely high on my list of things to do every summer. I recently had the privilege of checking out one of the largest music festivals in the […]

I want to wake up and see your shoes in the stairwell

It takes a good friend to say you’ve got your head up your ass. It takes a good friend to meet you in the park in the dark. It takes and enemy to help you get out of bed. It takes your lover to leave you, to feel loneliness. – Plants and Animals “Good Friend” […]

Heaven was a song we etched in gold

Heaven was a place we built out of stone Just like a fever, dream, causing mold I know it pains me to treat you unkind The cloud is greater, oh, love is blind – Handsome Furs “All We Want, Baby, Is Everything”

Don’t I know you better than the rest

You know you’re gold, you don’t gotta worry none Oasis child, born and so wild Don’t I know you better than the rest All deception, all deception from you – Beach House “Zebra”

Past Lovers

Intimi Dating

Intimidating [in-tim-i-deyt-ing]: An excuse that others make on my behalf when trying to pinpoint exactly why I am single. I have been called intimidating on more than fifty one occasion and it confuses the shit out of me. I absolutely hate it when people ask that question to begin with, but the answer of “well, […]

Apple of my eye

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I will happily judge a boy based on his phone. If you have spoken to me ever, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or you know, that real life thing, you most would know I have quite the affection for my iPhone. It’s sexy as […]

Yogi Bear

Okay, so let me start off by saying I get a lot of emails from companies asking me to blog about things, and I want to be completely transparent with you guys. I am selective as to what I choose to blog about, and only will do it if it’s something of interest to me, […]

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