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Fire in Your New Shoes

Remember when I went to this crazy Smirnoff party? Well, they are throwing another one that is going to be way bigger, and given that it’s on a weekend, it’s going to be even crazier. I always feel like a bit of an asshole showing off the free stuff I’m given all the time, so […]

Seven Small Sins

If she says that shes doing fine without you, And if she feels like she’s doing time by being with you, Small sins that are big within hold on to you. But if she says that the feelings dead, Well she’ll come back to you, She’ll come back to you. – The Ladies and Gentlemen […]

Down by the Water

You’ve gotta believe me When i say, When i say the word, forever And whatever Comes your way Oh we’ll still be together. – The Drums “Down by the water” From Stereogum “We wanted the “Down by the Water” video to directly reflect the song itself, and be as simple as possible. Both the video […]

(Aw)esome IV

Another in the awesome installment. Cute things that boys do that I like. 1. Tells me I’m beautiful It seems we are in the days of ‘pretty’, ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’, and the word beautiful has been lost and forgotten. There is something about that word that just resonates with me; it is powerful and meaningful. […]

Keep That Beat On

Maximum Balloon (TV on the Radio producer, David Sitek) with the lovely Karen O. I can’t stop listening.

Evolution of a Cougar

Remember these? Well this Cougar got a new facelift. Matchstick was kind enough to send me and a number of other bloggers a couple pairs guaranteed to keep our feet warm this Toronto winter. The thing I like about these boots most is that they are actually waterproof, and extremely toasty inside. An additional perk […]

The Glaciers Made You

And the mountains said I could find you here They whisper the snow and the leaves in my ear I traced my finger along your trails Your body was the map I was lost in there – Great Lake Swimmers “Your Rocky Spine”

Grab the Bully by the Horns

I don’t know why the innocents fall While the monsters still stand And our lives blow about Like flags on the land – Brooke Fraser “Flags” Last month, thousands of people united together to wear purple in honour of Spirit Day, a Facebook initiated campaign targeted to bring awareness to homophobic bullying, and those precious […]

Swift Orderly Change

There’s no blame for how our love did slowly fade And now that it’s gone it’s like it wasn’t there at all – Death Cab for Cutie “Title and Registration”

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