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Nerd Love

Nerdiest, yet most adorable, anniversary gift ever.


And we’ll go running off tonight, high above, where we won’t even need to recah the sky, my love. Oh there will be a change in the air, nobody will be anybody else. – Tame Impala “Lucidity”

Love is the coal that makes this train roll

I’ll hold and never scold. In me you can confide When no one’s by your side, Let me be your everlasting light. – The Black Keys, “Everlasting Light”  

Textual Healing

It’s no secret that  twitter, facebook, gchat, text messaging has complicated dating life. Not only has it been a source of my biggest regrets and insecurities in my dating habits, but texturisms have become yet another reason to not like someone. Do they LOL? Cut. Do they have poor texting grammar? Cut. Do they have […]

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