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You know that all the rope’s untied

Hair, old, long along Your neck onto your shoulder blades, Always keep that message taped. Cross your breasts you won’t erase, I was only for your very space. – Bon Iver “Calgary” Bon Iver is playing August 8th, at the Sound Academy.

The Facebook Sonnet

Welcome to the endless high-school Reunion. Welcome to past friends And lovers, however kind or cruel. Let’s undervalue and unmend. The present. Why can’t we pretend Every stage of life is the same? Let’s exhume, resume, and extend Childhood. Let’s all play the games. That occupy the young. Let fame And shame intertwine. Let one’s […]

Brother Down

I can never figure out how to make a case That this don’t amount to a fall from grace She wants to know can I replace This tired wool with satin lace – Sam Roberts Band “Bridge to Nowhere” The Sam Roberts Band are playing Massey Hall on Saturday, June 4th, and I am giving […]

Perfect Life

Don’t Pretend You Are Okay

from Why Pretending To Be Okay Never Works: “There are only a handful of things more tormenting than finding out, most likely via Facebook, that your latest ex is now involved with someone else. Be it casually or seriously or sexually, any way you slice it, it hurts. I say tormenting because your reaction inevitably […]


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