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Hope is Better Than Fear


New video from Bon Iver. It’s a beauty. And at once I knew I was not magnificent Strayed above the highway aisle, Jagged vacance, thick with ice, I could see for miles, miles, miles. – Bon Iver “Holocene”

Hipster Ipsum

Next time you need lorem ipsum, try this on for size: Williamsburg gluten-free cardigan carles, keffiyeh ethical hoodie terry richardson farm-to-table aesthetic skateboard single-origin coffee shoreditch. Vinyl +1 portland salvia, marfa craft beer wayfarers high life. Shoreditch bicycle rights stumptown wayfarers williamsburg freegan, vinyl american apparel echo park keffiyeh. Art party trust fund cred […]

Love Yourself More

Suburban War

And my old friends, I can remember when You cut your hair We never saw you again Now the cities we live in Could be distant stars And I search for you In every passing car – Arcade Fire “Suburban War”

Learning to Ignore

Tasty bread toppings

Beautiful British Columbia

I am in BC for some well deserved rest before starting my new job. And, of course, weddings. Morning runs, market visits, beach hangs and wine tours. I live in the Okanagan valley, about 5 hours east of Vancouver. It’s amazing revisiting your childhood home. All the memories come rushing back, and emotions too, of […]

Rice Krispie Pops

Amazing idea for a sweet, but not super heavy treat. Less sticky fingers!


Beautiful Australian treehouse tent. I don’t have the biggest urge to go to Australia (weird, I know), but it reminds me a lot of where we stayed in Costa Rica and is absolutely beautiful.

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