Inspired by 1000 Awesome Things, I will be giving a little dating twist on it, and present you with the first installment of Awesome Things that a significant other, a crush, a flirtation, or just a cute boy will do.

1. Coffee in bed on the weekend

I am not a morning person. I am actually quite grumpy in the morning, and a friend put it best when he said “no teasing before breakfast”. One of my favourite things is when a boy sneaks out while I am still sleeping, only to come back with my favourite Americano, black with a wee bit of sugar in the raw. The delicious smell would always wake me up, and I am instantly happy and not grumpy Breanna.

2. Sneaking to pay the bill

I already mentioned this one in my First Date Faux Pas post, but this is so clever, and wins so many brownie points. I’ve seen this done in a few ways: they excused themselves to go to what I think is the bathroom, and pay the bill. Or, if I go, they take care of it then. Either way, huge points.

3. Squeezing me tighter when a cute girl walks by

You don’t need to say anything, but just acknowledging that you know I’m here, and that you are making it clear that you are unavailable.

4. Squeezing me tighter when a cute boy walks by

It’s ok, you can feel intimidated. I understand. I want them to know I like you, too.

5. Look Back

Whether it is after a fight, or walking past a cute boy on the street, as they are walking away, they will look over their shoulder just that one time to see if you are still watching. I am, always.

6. Forehead Kissing

A small kiss on the forehead is a pretty awesome thing. Extra points if you are gently grabbing the side of my face to do so.

7. Not Quite Holding My Hand

Your fingers slightly touch mine, but you are too nervous to actually go for the entire thing. It tickles for a second, and then your hand is gone.

8. Refills

You notice I might be getting low on my drink, or my beer, and you hand me a new one without even asking if I needed one.

9. Putting on my Coat

It’s always awkward (are my arms really long or something?), but chivalry is not dead, and nothing is more awesome than a man who was raised right.

10. Opening the door for me

It is such a simple thing, but what I said above about chivalry applies here. It’s romantic, polite, and awesome. As I pass through the door, and your hand is on the small of my back? I get chills. Thank you.

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  • Jeremy Wright

    Oh wow, finally something I'm doing right, since all of these come naturally to me! (note: I almost put “lol” here, but felt self-conscious… damn you Bre!)

    Seriously though, there's something special about being able to show you care in lots of small ways. They're way more important than the big gestures (though those have their place too).

  • melsays

    aw I liked this post… it made me smile and feel all fuzzy inside! thanks lady :)

  • http://www.nitch.ca Andrew Lane

    I'd just like to ask that you put a disclaimer on this post noting this is what YOU like. I've personally gotten a ton of shit from a variety of girls for doing many of these things (except the coffee in bed – that's probably bullet-proof). All girls want to know that you care. They just want that presented in wildly different ways. And those that don't blog, will never tell you until you've completely f'ed things up.
    All that said, great post!

  • http://www.unbrelievable.com/ Breanna Hughes

    Womp womp. Buzz kill andrew.

    Most of the time it isn't the act itself, but the person who is doing it.

    I have had a boy who I didn't like very much squeeze me tighter, and i pushed him away.

    And it's my blog, isn't that a given that it's stuff I like? Oui oui!

  • Jeremy Wright

    That's part of the magic though, exploring someone to figure out what makes *them* feel cared for :)

  • http://www.nitch.ca Andrew Lane

    Oh I agree with you that most girls I date don't like me that much! I just wouldn't want some poor guy to read this and think he had all the answers and then get chewed out for holding a door for a girl. I have…

  • mayamoose

    love door opening and waiting for you to go first…….old fashioned I know……also you need to add finding you and your sister in a crazy musical festival with two of the yummiest sandwiches ever (when all you have eaten all day is a ton of churros)!

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  • Robyn

    love love love this. forehead kissing…my fav.