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I didn’t know till now

I didn’t know till now, Just couldn’t know. How sweet it could be. How sweet life could be. – Jim James “Know til now”

My heart will never feel

Holding on I am a vagabond It’s always different I am the one who falls. – Grimes “Genesis”

Forget the song, things will go on

And the only way to last And the only way to live it Is to hold on when you get love, And let go when you give it. – Stars “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It”

Reach a bit further

I was angry and brash as a bull, You were devastatingly beautiful. I was crude, I was lewd , I was rude, I was not in the mood. It’s a peculiar stance, It’s me reaching for the olive branch. – Wild Beasts “Reach a bit further”  


Only love is all maroon Gluey feathers on a flume Sky is womb and she’s the moon – Bon Iver “Flume” Playing Sound Academy August 8th. Also listen to: Calgary, and Wolves (Act I and II)

Osheaga 2011

Thanks to Windows Canada and their Twitter giveaway, I am now going on a little trip to Montreal for Osheaga next weekend. I was on the fence about going, as I had already gone to Coachella this year (and bought another ticket for next year!), but how could I turn this down? I will be flying […]

Do you live your life on the run?

Have you had enough excitement now? More than you ever did? You never wanted to be treated like a woman, You maintained you were just a kid. Well at least you were of age my dear These days kids they grow so fast, You never wanted to be committed to the present, You’re too busy […]

You know that all the rope’s untied

Hair, old, long along Your neck onto your shoulder blades, Always keep that message taped. Cross your breasts you won’t erase, I was only for your very space. – Bon Iver “Calgary” Bon Iver is playing August 8th, at the Sound Academy.

Brother Down

I can never figure out how to make a case That this don’t amount to a fall from grace She wants to know can I replace This tired wool with satin lace – Sam Roberts Band “Bridge to Nowhere” The Sam Roberts Band are playing Massey Hall on Saturday, June 4th, and I am giving […]


And we’ll go running off tonight, high above, where we won’t even need to recah the sky, my love. Oh there will be a change in the air, nobody will be anybody else. – Tame Impala “Lucidity”

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