The word “like” is being used more and more, with buttons scattered around the internet, urging us to press them. But no click of a button can properly imitate the feeling you get when hearing that word from someone. “I like you”. It’s not a loaded phrase, unlike its o-v-e relative, but the feeling on the receiving end is excitement, with a small side of relief.

After the first few dates with someone, there is one thing you can always be certain of: whether or not you like them. So why is it so hard for us to come clean with it? It breaks the rules of the dating game, there is no hard to get. But is that so bad? No anxiety, no waiting for the phone call, no over analysis of your actions during the date. You know they like you, they told you so. You know you will see them again, they told you so. You need not obsess, need not worry, the chase has been cut, and you know where you stand.

The fear of rejection, or losing the ball to the other court that constricts these words to the tip of our tongue, but if you know, you know. So just say so.

I like you.

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