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If there is one band whose discography is a depiction of my entire past relationships, it is Stars. Sure, they are pop-y, emo-y, and sometimes cheese-y, but I still think they are, as my friend David put it last night, love-ly. I true-ly (okay, okay, I’ll stop) believe that Amy Millan’s voice is one of the best out there for this type of genre. It’s always consistent, crisp, and has a sense of innocence, while she certainly does NOT come across as innocent herself.

I saw them play the Mod Club last night, where they were debuting their entire new album, The Five Ghosts; a fact that it seemed everyone else was privy to, except me. Like a lot of things, on first listen it’s hard to tell how much I liked it. There is a lot more electronica and keyboard (a lot of pew pew pew laser noises), and a lot of 80’s influence — especially Eddie Van Halen’s Jump, and some other song that has escaped me at the moment so I will wait until the other reviews come out and come back and edit this.. or maybe not.

As much as it was great to hear their new stuff, it was the old stuff that they played that hit home for me. Stars is one of those bands that can say all the things you would like to say to someone, without even having to find the words because they found them on your behalf.

So here is a break down of my favourite Stars songs, with my favourite lines of lyrics from each.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

“Live through this and you won’t look back.”

The above line are the words I would repeat to myself over and over again when I was dealing with the death of my best friend. It is almost certain that within the next few years, these words will be permanently etched into my skin.

This song is the very first time I had heard of Stars. Soulseek has sent me a message telling me I had to listen to it immediately and that, embarrassingly enough, he had first heard it off the O.C. soundtrack.  As soon as I heard this song, I became obsessed. I immediately downloaded the album, spread word to my Facebook page, and googled rapidly to find where they were playing in concert next. We had discovered that Amy Millan was playing a small intimate show at the Tranzac the next night, so I went. Turns out, this same night was the debut of The Most Serene Republic.

The very first time I saw Stars perform was at the Hillside Festival in Guelph. When they played this song, I called Soulseek. I think I cried. I loved them so much.

Runner up for the best line from this song would have to be:

“I’m not sorry I met you, I’m not sorry it’s over, I’m not sorry there’s nothing to say”.

It sums up a break up perfectly, non?


“You almost turn your ankle on the snow
You fall back into where you started
Make up words to songs you used to know”

The Rule of Three hates this song, as I set it to be the ringtone for my sister, which meant that every time she called me (which is a lot), the song would play. This song is from one of their earlier albums, and it’s a wonderful feel good song. There is a fantastic trumpet solo, a reference to Kurt Cobain, and an amazing call of “I want more” from Torquil.

What I’m Trying to Say

“I am trying to say
What I want to say
Without having to say
“I love you”

A great little dance tune, much more up tempo, and the lyrics state everything we, well, are trying to say. I will always be seen dancing like crazy to this song. Always.

Midnight Coward

Sweetness, sweetness never suits me, when I get up to take you home
Maybe it’s love, love at first slightly drunk
Now I’m walking with the sun in my mouth”

I won’t lie, I didn’t LOVE In Our Bedroom After The War. I was even having a tough time finding a favourite song of the album, until my sister pointed out these lyrics to me. It’s amazing how just a few words can make you love a song that much more. I have since come around, and love this song. As someone who is known for my late night drunken tiffs, another great line from this song is “What can’t be decided, In the morning it will bring itself to you, I can see what’s coming, but I’m not saying it”.

And last but not least… my hands down, most favourite song, perhaps of all time.

One More Night

“Try as he might he’s unable to speak
He grabs her by the hair, he strokes her on the cheek
The bed is unmade like everything is
Dark little heaven at the top of the stairs
Take me like that, ruin it all
Then build it again by the light in the hall
He drops to his knees says please my love, please
I’ll kill who you hate, take off that dress, you won’t freeze

One more night, that was a good one
One more night, i dreamed it was a good one
One more, one more night, that was a good one
One more night, the end should be a good one
A good one

He starts with her back cause that’s what he sees
When she’s breaking his heart she still fucks like a tease
Release to the sky, look him straight in the eye
And tell him that now, that you wish he would die
You’ll never touch him again so get what you can
Leaving him empty just because he’s a man
So good when it ends, they’ll never be friends
One more night, that’s all they can spend

One more night, that was a good one
One more night, i dreamed it was a good one
One more, one more night, that was a good one
One more night, the end should be a good one
A good one”

Incredible song.
I have now seen Stars play 16 times. Yes, 16. It’s most definitely the most I have seen any band, but every time, they still give me that feeling in my heart, and those chills down my spine. God, I can be such a sap.
Thank you, Stars. Thank you.

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  • Lauren Simmons

    yes, yes, yes, i all kinds love this post and know exactly where you're coming from. i follow your blog in too much detail (i actually think it makes me nostalgic for my dating days) but this one just hit the nail on the head.

    i have very specific people in my past that i associate w a bunch of Stars songs. “Your Ex Lover” is for the first guy i hooked up with after ending a huge 4-year long distance relationship who i would ALWAYS run in to in Montreal after it happened and who i always would come back. “you were what i wanted, i gave what i gave, i'm not sorry it's over, i'm not sorry there's nothing to save…”. the orchestration is so layered and complex in this song, there's always something to listen to.

    “Calendar Girl” is a big one for me. when i found out my Dad had cancer and throughout his treatment, all i need to hear is a few bars of this song before i'm crying like a child. but ultimately, the ending always reminds me “i'm alive” and i come through it. after seeing the film “One Week” this has even more meaning for me.

    “One More Night” is for my last university hookup, who, after i had moved to Toronto, i went back to Montreal to ser for, yes, “One More Night”. the Apostle of Hustle version from “Do You Trust Your Friends” is one of my fave angry weightlifting songs, and there's just so much truth in the lyrics for me.

    But there is a happy ending to my Stars love saga and hopefully for yours, too, B. At my wedding last summer, one of the readings was the lyrics to the words “My Favourite Book”. We didn't make it a first dance because we wanted people to hear the words rather than just take pictures, and I think it worked. I wasn't emotional during the ceremony at all but when our dear friend started reading those words, yup, that did it. “Shattered, but not lonely” is how I feel most of the time, and I can only hope everyone gets that someday too.

    Thanks for writing this and for letting me hijack this space for my own reflections.

  • mayamoose