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May Flowers After April Showers

…Continued from April 2009… and the rest of 2009 May. What a doozie. When I quit my job, I gave a month’s notice, which meant my final day would be the 8th of May. The day after? Vegas, baby. My sister, my best friend, had gotten engaged in November so it was only logical to […]

2009, the year of highs and lows part deux

april. you were a whore. I love this woman with all my heart. In April 2009, her suffering was over. Our suffering had only just begun. I had received a phone call from my mom telling me that my grandmother was not doing well, and that she only had a few hours to live. I […]

2009, the years of highs and lows

A recount of my past year. All laid out, the highest highs and lowest lows in a year. I am hoping this will be therapeutic for me.. A test of my bravery. I’m hoping by the end of this I will be able to reflect on this year and see that I need to shift […]

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