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(Aw)esome VI

The six installment of awesome things that boys do that I like. 1. Gives me a pet name Okay, so I’m not talking about “pooh bear”, “muffin cakes”, or “snookums” here. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, and it definitely shouldn’t be cheesy. Well, the right balance of cheese can be acceptable. A simple “babe”, […]

(Aw)esome V

The fifth installment of awesome things that boys do that I like. 1. Builds stuff I’m independent. I can plunge a toilet, light a bbq, and unclog a drain. I can even follow Ikea instructions to put together various furniture items. However, there is nothing sexier than a man who is good with his hands […]

(Aw)esome IV

Another in the awesome installment. Cute things that boys do that I like. 1. Tells me I’m beautiful It seems we are in the days of ‘pretty’, ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’, and the word beautiful has been lost and forgotten. There is something about that word that just resonates with me; it is powerful and meaningful. […]

(Aw)esome III

Third installment of cute things boys I have a crush on, date, or love do. 1. Remembers I know I talk a lot, and it’s nearly impossible to listen to everything I say, but nothing says someone cares about you more than them not only listening to what you are saying, but remembering. It’s a […]

(Aw)esome, Deux

Part two of as many as I can do of awesome things a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, date, or lust worthy object do that make me say “aww”. 1. Knows when I need to be fed I have hypoglycemia, as does my sister, and when our blood sugar levels get low, we tend to, as […]


Inspired by 1000 Awesome Things, I will be giving a little dating twist on it, and present you with the first installment of Awesome Things that a significant other, a crush, a flirtation, or just a cute boy will do. 1. Coffee in bed on the weekend I am not a morning person. I am […]

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