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(Aw)esome III

Third installment of cute things boys I have a crush on, date, or love do. 1. Remembers I know I talk a lot, and it’s nearly impossible to listen to everything I say, but nothing says someone cares about you more than them not only listening to what you are saying, but remembering. It’s a […]

Orange you glad you didn’t date this boy

Okay, so this dating nightmare did not happen to me (but don’t you worry, I have plenty more coming!) – but it did happen to my lovely beautiful sister and it HAS to be shared. My sister is very much a lady. She is tiny, petite, polite, and does not do naughty things with boys […]

(Aw)esome, Deux

Part two of as many as I can do of awesome things a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, date, or lust worthy object do that make me say “aww”. 1. Knows when I need to be fed I have hypoglycemia, as does my sister, and when our blood sugar levels get low, we tend to, as […]

The New Girl Has a Face(book)

I received a very courageous email a few days ago from a reader of my blog. She asked me not to post or talk about it, and I have been struggling with this and would love to honour that wish, but I think her situation is so very relateable and that the lessons to come […]

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Farther

Okay. So I am not claiming to be the best dater (I might even be in the running for the worst!), but I receive a lot (A LOT) of emails from you guys asking me for help — and it’s really great. I feel like this may be a bit of the blind leading the […]

The C Word doesn’t end with an “NT”

I don’t usually read other dating blogs, as I want what I write to be entirely my thoughts and experiences that drive me to post, but when I saw this post on Twitter, I had to look. You see, this is something I have been struggling with over the last 3 years. It took me […]

A League of Her Own

Walking down the street, how often do you see an absolutely stunning woman, with a boy on her arm who is nowhere near her physical equal? Now think of it the other way around; a drop dead gorgeous man, with a not so pretty girl? I can’t even remember the last time I experienced the […]

First Date Faux Pas

A few years ago now, I went on a date with a boy. I had met him at the Social, and he came over to me without saying as much as two words before he asked me out on a date. I figured, sure, why not. He was 30, and the drummer of a band. […]

Olympic Love

I, too, was graced with some olympic glory snoetry in the park right outside my apartment window. We have been kicking ass in the olympics, and have now surpassed all other countries for gold medals. However, when you add up all the other medals we are consistently in a fourth or fifth place position, but […]

The 5 Second Rule of Dating

We all know it. You drop something tasty on the floor, and you have to make a mental decision on whether it is still edible, or is it now tainted with germs? How long before it is no longer appealing to you? Is it, perhaps, the absurdly abitrary 5 seconds? For those who are a […]

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