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Don’t Pretend You Are Okay

from Why Pretending To Be Okay Never Works: “There are only a handful of things more tormenting than finding out, most likely via Facebook, that your latest ex is now involved with someone else. Be it casually or seriously or sexually, any way you slice it, it hurts. I say tormenting because your reaction inevitably […]

The New Girl Has a Face(book)

I received a very courageous email a few days ago from a reader of my blog. She asked me not to post or talk about it, and I have been struggling with this and would love to honour that wish, but I think her situation is so very relateable and that the lessons to come […]

The 5 Second Rule of Dating

We all know it. You drop something tasty on the floor, and you have to make a mental decision on whether it is still edible, or is it now tainted with germs? How long before it is no longer appealing to you? Is it, perhaps, the absurdly abitrary 5 seconds? For those who are a […]

2009, the years of highs and lows

A recount of my past year. All laid out, the highest highs and lowest lows in a year. I am hoping this will be therapeutic for me.. A test of my bravery. I’m hoping by the end of this I will be able to reflect on this year and see that I need to shift […]

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