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Osheaga 2011

Thanks to Windows Canada and their Twitter giveaway, I am now going on a little trip to Montreal for Osheaga next weekend. I was on the fence about going, as I had already gone to Coachella this year (and bought another ticket for next year!), but how could I turn this down? I will be flying […]


And we’ll go running off tonight, high above, where we won’t even need to recah the sky, my love. Oh there will be a change in the air, nobody will be anybody else. – Tame Impala “Lucidity”

Love is the coal that makes this train roll

I’ll hold and never scold. In me you can confide When no one’s by your side, Let me be your everlasting light. – The Black Keys, “Everlasting Light”  

Almost There

Electronic world, supersonic girl We keep holding onto nothing We keep typing, we’re not talking We lose endlessly, world won’t get by me I feel like I’m onto something We keep moving, we’re not there yet. – Magnetic Man feat. John Legend “Getting Nowhere”


This new Cut Copy tune will warm your heart on these chilly, snowy Saturdays. Enjoy.


It is my birthday tomorrow. I am over twenty, but less than thirty years of age. Throughout my twenties, I have been to countless of concerts, and have been adding major festivals to that list as well. So here it is world, my resolution is to go to all the major North American music festivals […]

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