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And the beat goes on

The winner of the HP Envy Beats Edition laptop is… @Fouj! Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for entering. While I’m normally a Mac girl, my curiosity was peeked when I heard of the HP Envy, Beats edition. I’ve heard the Envy line labeled as the “Macbook Pro’s of PC’s”, and with Dr. Dre‘s seal of approval I […]

Just a Touch

The world is going crazy for tablets, and it’s no wonder. Not only are they a busy person’s best friend, but a lazy person’s best friend at the same time. It’s amazing how far your desk feels from your couch when you don’t actually have to get up anymore. Casual browsing, tweeting, or watching videos, […]


Printers are ugly. They are bulky, loud and overall a complete pain. I chucked my massive printer years ago and loved reclaiming the glorious space it took up. It seems that HP has caught onto this fact and made a printer that not only isn’t bulky, it’s actually beautiful. Really. My favourite thing about this […]

Textual Healing

It’s no secret that  twitter, facebook, gchat, text messaging has complicated dating life. Not only has it been a source of my biggest regrets and insecurities in my dating habits, but texturisms have become yet another reason to not like someone. Do they LOL? Cut. Do they have poor texting grammar? Cut. Do they have […]

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