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Textual Healing

It’s no secret that  twitter, facebook, gchat, text messaging has complicated dating life. Not only has it been a source of my biggest regrets and insecurities in my dating habits, but texturisms have become yet another reason to not like someone. Do they LOL? Cut. Do they have poor texting grammar? Cut. Do they have […]

Get Out of Jail Free

The unavailable. The noncommittal. Perhaps just out of a long term relationship, broke up with the band, quit their job, just had a cavity filled, the excuses go on and on. “I’m not ready for a relationship”. The get out of jail free card of dating. They bear no responsibility for what happens after those […]

The wandering eye test

We all know it. You are in the middle of talking to your boyfriend, friend, husband, girlfriend.. then all of a sudden a girl wearing less clothing than you walks by. What once may have been staring you directly in the eyes has now been diverted to this subject of interruption. Somehow we have been […]

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