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The Facebook Sonnet

Welcome to the endless high-school Reunion. Welcome to past friends And lovers, however kind or cruel. Let’s undervalue and unmend. The present. Why can’t we pretend Every stage of life is the same? Let’s exhume, resume, and extend Childhood. Let’s all play the games. That occupy the young. Let fame And shame intertwine. Let one’s […]

Good on Web, Bad in Bed

So I originally wrote this for MTV Fora a few months back, but the concept is something that is continuously applicable in my life. I needed to revisit it, and have it done my way, with my editing. Let’s face it, internet dating is the new dating-dating. Flirting begins with the Facebook friend request or […]

The New Girl Has a Face(book)

I received a very courageous email a few days ago from a reader of my blog. She asked me not to post or talk about it, and I have been struggling with this and would love to honour that wish, but I think her situation is so very relateable and that the lessons to come […]

I’m no dating Messiah

I have fully embraced the fact that my blog might be seen as a mass deterrent for prospective dates, and frankly I kind of like it that way. As hypocritical as it sounds, I much prefer guys who aren’t completely technologically ignorant, yet are not all about twitter, blogs, facebook etc. I typically have a rule where […]

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