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Alternative Eats

Summer Snacking

The last thing you want in the summertime is a big, heavy meal. These are some of my favourite things to make. Fresh and tasty, plus great for entertaining! (Psst click for recipes!)

Chef at (Hart) Home

Got a very last minute text from my new twitter friend turned real life friend Lauren asking me if I wanted to go to a dinner at Hart House put on by Michael Smith (my first response was who?) — the Chef at Home. My answer was immediately yes (no it wasn’t, did you not […]

Saving (dis)grace

Convinced my friend Heather that we desperately needed to go for brunch and have a little catch up. Her boyfriend Jerry tagged along as well. I have been hearing all about how amazing Saving Grace is, so I decided that we should go there and try it. After walking by a huge line at Musa, […]

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