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(Aw)esome, Deux

Part two of as many as I can do of awesome things a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, date, or lust worthy object do that make me say “aww”. 1. Knows when I need to be fed I have hypoglycemia, as does my sister, and when our blood sugar levels get low, we tend to, as […]

The C Word doesn’t end with an “NT”

I don’t usually read other dating blogs, as I want what I write to be entirely my thoughts and experiences that drive me to post, but when I saw this post on Twitter, I had to look. You see, this is something I have been struggling with over the last 3 years. It took me […]

A League of Her Own

Walking down the street, how often do you see an absolutely stunning woman, with a boy on her arm who is nowhere near her physical equal? Now think of it the other way around; a drop dead gorgeous man, with a not so pretty girl? I can’t even remember the last time I experienced the […]

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