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The Glaciers Made You

And the mountains said I could find you here They whisper the snow and the leaves in my ear I traced my finger along your trails Your body was the map I was lost in there – Great Lake Swimmers “Your Rocky Spine”

If we were to date…

… I would have a song that always reminds me of you. On lonely nights when I miss you, you will receive a message with a few words. The words will be parts of that song. Years later when you hear that song, you will think of me, and I, of you. I know this […]

Swimmer of the Great Lakes

I saw Great Lake Swimmers last night at Trinity-St.Paul’s Church. A wonderful person, Eli Singer, graced me with free tickets, and reserved seating. GLS left me with tears in my eyes, bumps on my skin, and chills down my spine. Mind blowing, to say the least. They played my favourite songs Your Rocky Spine, There is […]

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