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I need to find you again.

One More Night

If there is one band whose discography is a depiction of my entire past relationships, it is Stars. Sure, they are pop-y, emo-y, and sometimes cheese-y, but I still think they are, as my friend David put it last night, love-ly. I true-ly (okay, okay, I’ll stop) believe that Amy Millan’s voice is one of […]

Break Isn’t the Only Thing Bad for the Heart

As many of you know, I have been a big supporter of the Heart and Stroke Foundation over the years, so it’s a given that when I was offered the opportunity to have a spa date at the Still Water Spa with some of the models walking in the Heart Truth fashion show, I would […]

Not for the Faint of Heartache

A word of caution, this is my blog. Shocking, I know, but sometimes it’s necessary to state the obvious. I started it as a method of therapy, to lay it all out in the open, so I would be forced to come face to face with it, stare it deep in the eyes. I can’t […]

Please Sponsor Me Spinning my little heart out! I will be spinning my little heart out for 3 hours straight (no break, as I learned last year) to raise money and awareness for Heart and Stroke. This one is a bit tough, because I need to raise $500 just to participate, so I REALLY need your help. If it makes you want […]

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