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Fire in Your New Shoes

Remember when I went to this crazy Smirnoff party? Well, they are throwing another one that is going to be way bigger, and given that it’s on a weekend, it’s going to be even crazier. I always feel like a bit of an asshole showing off the free stuff I’m given all the time, so […]


..and how your heatwave ran Through our snow black fields – The Stills “Helicopters” I told you about the Stills (whoa, checkout the myspace change) last week; free show at The Distillery District for a Lexus event. There was a great event beforehand hosted by Rock-It Promotions, which gave a chance for everyone to hang […]

Later, CMW

I loved last night. Huge thanks to the most awesome Lauren for the insight into a phenomenal party. You’re all good people. Let’s hang out again soon. I met Tom and Meredith. Two very cool internet folk, with whom I took it to the next level. Hi guys, I like you.

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