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(Aw)esome, Deux

Part two of as many as I can do of awesome things a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, date, or lust worthy object do that make me say “aww”. 1. Knows when I need to be fed I have hypoglycemia, as does my sister, and when our blood sugar levels get low, we tend to, as […]

The Rule of Three

Like clockwork, within 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years, I will receive a Facebook message, text, e-mail or even a call from a ghost of relationship, fling, or even a one night stands’ past. While I totally understand nostalgia, I’m curious as to what it is that causes us to constantly revisit […]

The 5 Second Rule of Dating

We all know it. You drop something tasty on the floor, and you have to make a mental decision on whether it is still edible, or is it now tainted with germs? How long before it is no longer appealing to you? Is it, perhaps, the absurdly abitrary 5 seconds? For those who are a […]

2009, the years of highs and lows

A recount of my past year. All laid out, the highest highs and lowest lows in a year. I am hoping this will be therapeutic for me.. A test of my bravery. I’m hoping by the end of this I will be able to reflect on this year and see that I need to shift […]

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