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Sometimes growing up, it can get you down.

I give you something that no one’s going to give you, My sleeping skin and my heart deep down in you. I’ll never tell you, but you’re my little scar, Goodbyes are hard, and they’re hard, and they’re hard. – Land of Talk “It’s Okay”

Everything You Wanted

I know the time for us has past, but you must know one thing. I could have given you everything you wanted, everything you needed. – Kele Okereke “Everything You Wanted”


..and how your heatwave ran Through our snow black fields – The Stills “Helicopters” I told you about the Stills (whoa, checkout the myspace change) last week; free show at The Distillery District for a Lexus event. There was a great event beforehand hosted by Rock-It Promotions, which gave a chance for everyone to hang […]

I want to wake up and see your shoes in the stairwell

It takes a good friend to say you’ve got your head up your ass. It takes a good friend to meet you in the park in the dark. It takes and enemy to help you get out of bed. It takes your lover to leave you, to feel loneliness. – Plants and Animals “Good Friend” […]

Swimmer of the Great Lakes

I saw Great Lake Swimmers last night at Trinity-St.Paul’s Church. A wonderful person,¬†Eli Singer, graced me with free tickets, and reserved seating. GLS left me with tears in my eyes, bumps on my skin, and chills down my spine. Mind blowing, to say the least. They played my favourite songs Your Rocky Spine, There is […]

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