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Good on Web, Bad in Bed

So I originally wrote this for MTV Fora a few months back, but the concept is something that is continuously applicable in my life. I needed to revisit it, and have it done my way, with my editing. Let’s face it, internet dating is the new dating-dating. Flirting begins with the Facebook friend request or […]

The New Girl Has a Face(book)

I received a very courageous email a few days ago from a reader of my blog. She asked me not to post or talk about it, and I have been struggling with this and would love to honour that wish, but I think her situation is so very relateable and that the lessons to come […]

Kelly Cutrone Does the City

A little drama took over much of my friday. Becca gave me a heads up of a little tiff that happened between Kelly Cutrone and She Does The City on twitter. I decided to screencap it and tweet it out to my followers. What happened next, I couldn’t have predicted. There is now over 2,000 […]

I’m no dating Messiah

I have fully embraced the fact that my blog might be seen as a massĀ deterrentĀ for prospective dates, and frankly I kind of like it that way. As hypocritical as it sounds, I much prefer guys who aren’t completely technologically ignorant, yet are not all about twitter, blogs, facebook etc. I typically have a rule where […]

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