The Mo Matches the Drapes

The Movember Gala was Thursday night, and it is the only type of thing that could get me to go to the atrocity that is the “Guvernment” nightclub (they are so witty without that admired o).

I wore a blonde moustache, I creeped out the creeps. Fun times were had all around.

got something on your lip there..

me and my colleagues with the trashy classy canadian club ladies
me and my colleague, who is awesome.

This girl wants to paint me with a moustache. i still am unsure how i feel about that. she also won miss movember. but hadn’t fundraised. i’m bitter.

FREDDAY. I had a crush on the taller guy on the right.. i should have went to the drake with you hot Freddie.
funny but boring.

bad ass.

I just noticed now he crossed off “GO Boatmen” and changed it to “MO Boatmen”. I now think they are cool.

It says “Hot Chicks Free Average Girls $1.00”.. it is funny when below average guys diss average girls. who are you?

I had to go on stage because I was nominated and ROBBED of the miss movember title. I don’t know about you guys, but it was way louder, but the aussie hated me. He also introduced me as “curtain matches the drapes”.. MOUSTACHE. MOUSTACHE. curtain and drapes are the same thing.

I was ok with these two winning. liked them.

Amazing social experiment. That is all, there is no mo.
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  • Casie Stewart

    you're so funny. love it. great meeting you in person finally and will always remember the mo. haha :)